• Users are now warned when no item location is provided and an item location was used in a previous listing.


  • Warn users when exiting current release without listing, when having listed in the last 5 minutes.
  • Automatically increment seller locations.


  • The scanner now keeps track of what records are listed among all users. This prepares for a future update where common releases can be shown on top of the release suggestions.
  • Bugfix: detect changes in Discogs username to prevent errors while listing. 


  • Introduce search field in master-selection pop-up which allows users to search for a master release when the scanned record does not show up in the list of 10 suggestions.


  • Bugfix: do not show all 10 suggestions when a secondary match has an exactly 50% score. 


  • Make sure an active scanner configuration is present before allowing for scans. This prevents "unknown scanner" counts in statistics.