"Hello ZERO!"

Vinylscanner ZERO is a desktop vinylscanner that speeds up and simplifies the record listing process on Discogs. First a record is assessed for its condition by the user of the vinyl scanner. If the quality is approved, the record with its cover will be placed into the vinyl scanner. Now the vinyl scanner scans the record cover and makes a match with the database of Discogs within one second. The title, price and other desired information of the record will now be displayed on the screen. The user can now easily select the correct version of the album and list it for sale in their Discogs account.

ZERO 'the ultimate goal'

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our Ambition

Practice has shown that listing records on Discogs can be a tedious and time-consuming task even for experienced listers. Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past! With Vinylscanner ZERO anyone, including people who don't know much about vinyl, can easily list records on Discogs. Besides simplifying the list process, ZERO also allows you to list very quickly. In short, the ultimate goal of ZERO is simplifying and speeding up the sales process of records to give as many vinyl records a second, third or tenth life as possible, therefor they don't get thrown away or end up in a dusty attic.

Technical details

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To use the Vinylscanner ZERO you only need power and a Discogs account. So plug in and log into your Discogs account and you're good to go. ZERO is a vinyl scanner made up of various components that are controlled by an internal computer. The first component is the photo studio, where 4k photos are taken of the record cover within 1 second. The match of the photo is now displayed on the full HD screen at the click of a button. 


When a scan is made, ZERO will search for an identical image in the database of Discogs. Once the software has found a match, information about the record will be displayed on the screen. It will show the title and images of the record with a corresponding price suggestion and how many times the record is for sale at the time. You will also be able to read information about the record label, the record format, about in which country and in what year the record was produced. Besides this, you will immediately know more about the genre and style of the record album. If there are multiple versions of a record, you will be able to see all versions clearly. To find the right version quickly, you can filter down by the given information on the screen. Now that you've found the right record, you can put it in draft or for sale on Discogs. This process is included in the software as well, which makes listing even faster.

If you want to offer the record for sale, you will see a window in which you can enter necessary information like the condition of the record and sleeve with any additional explanation. You can also indicate for what price you want to offer the record and whether the record may be bid on. The current weight and the total number of records will also be entered automatically, but you can still manually adjust all information. Furthermore there is room for adding private information such as the storage location and any other information about the record.

ZERO in action

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Vinyl stores

ZERO is or can be used by people or companies with large amounts of vinyl records. Vinyl stores for example can now easily get their entire inventory organized in Discogs. This way the owner of the vinyl store knows exactly which records he has in store and what the value is of his complete inventory. This is also necessary if the shop owner wants to insure his vinyl records against, for example, fire or water damage. Besides that all the records from the vinyl store can also be sold online, which results in more revenue. 

Thrift stores

The thrift shop industry is very important in our mission to save music. All the thrift shops in the Netherlands combined receive more than a million records each year. Which means millions of records worldwide will end up at the thrift store. These thrift stores usually have a person who selects the valuable records to sell in the store. Unfortunately, this method is not 100% reliable and valuable records end up in the waste. We can confirm this because we have been receiving the vinyl waste from thrift shops for years for the vinyl recycling project: 'Yesterday's Vinyl'. The valuable records could have been sold in the thrift store or online. This will result in a greater turnover and valuable records with music history will be saved from being handled as waste.

Vinyl for charity

Fairs are organized every year of which the proceeds goes to a good cause. These fairs can now raise even more money by using ZERO. They can now price the records better and faster. Furthermore, records that not have been sold at the fair can now be sold online for an even greater turnover for charity. 

Large collectors

Most collectors don't need ZERO, but if you have more than thousands of records, than ZERO will be of great help in mapping the collection faster. If a collector puts his collection in Discogs, the collector can also easily find a record in his collection, because you can give a location to a record. The collector now also knows the market value of his collection, which is useful if the collector would like to sell or insure his vinyl records. 

Online vinyl sellers

Professional online vinyl record sellers, sell tens to hundreds of records a day. These professionals buy up large batches of vinyl records and then put them one by one up for sale online. For these sellers, the faster they have the vinyl online, the faster they earn. Only sometimes they have too much vinyl and not enough manpower to put everything online. With ZERO, the online seller gets their vinyl online faster and can also process larger quantities of vinyl.