In fact 'zero is your hero'

VinylScanner ZERO

Vinylscanner ZERO speeds up and simplifies the sales process of vinyl records. Scan the cover of a record and the scanner will tell you its market value immediately. ZERO gives many records a second life and therefore less music is lost. Would you like to give your vinyl a second chance and would you like to save them from ending up in a dusty attic, a moistly storage room or even on the dumping ground? Then ZERO is your HERO! 

AI + Discogs = ZERO

ZERO uses artificial intelligence to identify and evaluate your records in seconds.

With ZERO we are 

changing the vinyl market forever!

Vinylscanner ZERO is a project in which five different organizations have joined forces to save as much music as possible from dusty attics, moistly storage rooms and dumping grounds.

Team ZERO designs solutions to speed up and simplify the vinyl sales process. On this website you will find all information about the Vinylscanner ZERO.

Ambitions of ZERO are great

After hard work, ZERO is finally ready to enter the market in 2022. With the power of Discogs, ZERO finds millions of different vinyl records based on a scan of the record cover. We aim for 100,000 scans in 2022 and with this we hope to save as much music as we can!

8M releases


3M masters

In the database